[DD-1351] collector should fire, when not all source fields do emit something Erstellt: 15/Apr/16  Aktualisiert: 23/Mai/16  Erledigt: 23/Mai/16

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Projekt: D:SWARM
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Autor: Gängler, Thomas Bearbeiter: Nicht zugewiesen
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Stichwörter: collectors, function, mapping, metafacture, transformation

DD-1352 [BE] add 'multi-collect' function Technische Aufgabe Fertig  
DD-1353 [FE] enable 'multi-collect' as (true)... Technische Aufgabe Fertig  
Sprint: sprint 55, sprint 56, sprint 57


use case: combine/concat content from multiple fields into one; values should also be emitted when not all source fields are available

Kommentar durch Gängler, Thomas [ 15/Apr/16 ]

ok, it looks like that we have two options to provide this feature:

1. make 'combine' to optionally emit always (currently, combine only emits, when all sources fire (see https://github.com/culturegraph/metafacture-core/wiki/Metamorph-collectors#combine)), i.e., this requires a further parameter at 'combine' collector (i.e. metafacture needs to adapted as well)


2. make 'collect' ('concat') to work with multiple inputs (currently, this is not a true collector, i.e., 'collect' can only be feed from on field with multiple occurrences)

=> I would vote for option two, since this one looks cheaper to implement

Kommentar durch Gängler, Thomas [ 15/Apr/16 ]

see https://github.com/zazi/dswarm/tree/dd-1351

Kommentar durch Gängler, Thomas [ 15/Apr/16 ]

see https://github.com/zazi/dswarm-backoffice-web/tree/dd-1351

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