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using HTTP APIs as transformation function



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      As a system librarian I want to use external HTTP APIs, which I can use as a Function inside a Transformation
      I therefore can use a the function "http api" and drag it on the transformation pipeline
      hint reusability in other transformation pipelines is another feature

      In the function configuration widget (left bottom) for the HTTP API there are:

      • all necessary input fields which have to be used in order to generate the complete url-string - this function needs to be somehow generic to support different apis
      • request parameters are in a key:value manner
        • --> TBC

      tuple - in which the key has to be set and the value is optional and can be taken

        • if the optional value is set - it has to be interpreted as some kind of fixed values (like the licence key)
        • if the value is left empty, it has to be set whilst using in the transformation pipeline
      • a <preview> button triggers a sample request and shows the sample result
      • it can be determined which of the values in the resultset shall be used for further processing

      acceptance criteria

      • the detectlanguage api is registered and previews can be produced
      • it can be configured which attributes shall be processed from the result set





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