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use gnd authority data for enrichment



    • Sprint:
      sprint 45, sprint 46, sprint 47


      The hbz open data service (lobid) provides GND authority data that can be used as enrichment of the gathered source data.
      Examining the current libero export format, we see that the relevant data element spread over multiple source data sets, bibliographic record and authority record(s).
      The authority record and the corresponding source element of the bibliographic record is linked by an alphanumeric identifier (PPN).

      Bibliographic record (cf. attached example record “slu_15544.xml”):
      (In this example the subject term “Physik” and its identifier “209067276”.)
      — snip —
      <feld nr="902" ind="s"><![CDATA[ 209067276 Physik]]></feld>
      — snip —

      Authority record (cf. attached example record “sss_540007.xml”):
      (Identifier of the subject term.)
      — snip —
      <feld nr="001" ind=" "><![CDATA[209067276]]></feld>
      — snip —
      (Corresponding GND-Number.)
      — snip —
      <feld nr="028" ind=" "><![CDATA[4045956-1]]></feld>
      — snip —

      The GND-Number from the authority data set is used to call the lobid api:
      The call returns synonymous terms for “Physik”, ddc class, zbw descriptor, related Wikipedia article, …

      Lobid API:

      Needed Functionality:

      The lobid api is just an additional data source so more or less all already implemented data import, configuration and mapping features are needed.
      The feature can be implemented as an additionally transformation function (if mandatory to connect it to a mapping) or as part of a new detached function group.

      1. Definition of the enrichment attribute
      2. Configuration of the enrichment source
        • possibility to define a “Base URL”
        • possibility to commit additional parameters (e.g. needed return format: xml, json, …)
      3. Schema of gathered data
        • definition or automatic recognition
      4. Mapping into Internal (target) schema

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. gathered data is mapped into the internal (target) schema
      2. gathered data is part of the graph section that belongs to the resource which has provided the enrichment attribute





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