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define uri templates for resources



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      sprint 27, sprint 29, sprint 51, sprint 52, sprint 53, sprint 54, sprint 55


      Currently, when a new resource is created in the target data model (via a transformation) we just utilise the URI from the resource in the source data model. It should be possible to define URI templates that will be utilised for URI minting (of new resources) in a target data model.

      • each (non-leaf) element in the target schema widget is a resource indicator
      • each resource indicator can hold an URI template
      • a URI template can be defined with help of a mapping to a resource indicator
      • all necessary mapping inputs that are needed to construct the URI template are part of this mapping
      • the whole function set can be applied to create the URIs
      • the target of those mapping could be a direct mapping to the attribute path of the resource indicator, e.g., "bibo:Document" (in the example from above); the only "disadvantage" of this approach is that it is probably more difficult to identify those attribute paths later when processing the task in the morph script builder (albeit, it is possible!)
      • note: we don't need to display the record class right now (this is another issue )
      • the produced uris will be displayed in the target example widget (as all other values will be displayed in that way)

      => already shows how it could looks like, i.e., the mapping that is responsible for the URI template is named 'identifier' and the output is displayed in the target example widget (after the "bibo:Document" attribute)

      • another approach would be an attribute path that is constructed with the attribute path of the resource indicator + (e.g.) rdf:ID (or just the special attribute, when it is the root level)
      • the special attribute (here the example is rdf:ID) for relating the resource identifier should only be utilised for this use case, because it will be treated specifically in the morph script builder to produce and assign the resource identifiers

      acceptance criteria:
      (- a graphical element/dialog is available for defining a URI template (could be extended to a URI template builder later))

      • URI templates can be processed by converter
      • new resources are created that have URIs that follow the URI template



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