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edit schema: select sub-schemata and value-types (guided)




      Besides suggesting likely attribute paths, also likely sub-schemata and likely value-types are suggested during schema editing, again based on domain-range settings:

      • example sub-schema suggestions:
        • for the attribute path dcterms:creator, the system suggests to use a sub-schema for the class foaf:Person or foaf:Organization, both being subclasses of foaf:Agent (which is the range of dcterms:creator)
      • example value-type suggestions:
        • for the attribute path bibo:startPage, the system suggests the use of xsd:int, since the range of bibo:startPage is xsd:int, other datatypes and "Allow any type" can still be selected
        • I can create multiple paths with different value types (e.g. to allow for both: mapping dc:issued to a literal OR a xsd:year-typed literal)
      • for the attribute path dc:title the system suggest no value type or sub-schema and does not offer to create a sub-schema, since the range of dc:title is a literal (same effect when it was xsd:string-typed literal)

      A mockup is linked.




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