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adapt schema widget in modelling perspective to support sub-schemata




      In order to implement the changes to the schema discussed in the schema editor workshop (sub-schemata and value type suggestions) also the view in the modelling (aka mapping) perspective has to be adapted. This view now needs to show after each attribute path entry pointing to a ...

      • ... the rdf:type attribute-path of a resource: the "default value type" (e.g. "(default: bibo:Document)")
      • ... typed literal: the datatype for typed literals ( e.g. "(xsd:year)")
      • ... untyped literal : the note "(Literal)"

      Evtl. in addition after each attribute path entry pointing to a resource ...

      • ... as long as it is not mapped: the note "(new URI will be created)"
      • ... when it is mapped: "(URI is mapped)"

      The notes described below are derived from subschema settings added to attributepaths in the domain model version 7+: the class of the subschema can be taken to get the default value type for resources. Evtl. this could also be used to store information on the suggested datatype for literals (discuss this).

      In addition, the representation of attributes in this view needs to be changed as follows (as motivated by Gersch, Thomas):

      • normal display: prefix notation "dcterms:creator"
      • additionally a tooltip shows
        • the full URI
        • the description if there is one (a description is not yet provided by the current dummy internal schema, but will later be derived during schema creation from the ontologies)

      A mockup (cf. "preview of schema", upper right corner) is attached to this ticket





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